About the Artist

David Boyd

David Boyd

Since 1983 on I have maintained a career as a freelance artist, working in traditional and digital mediums including CGI and all manner of Web applications.

Feature Film work includes, creating storyboards and art work for: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Warner Brothers, “Hostel Part 3” and “Sparkle”, Sony Pictures and “Freaky Deaky”, with independent film maker Charles Matthau.

I have worked closely with senior advertising creatives for over twenty years developing ideas and images for use in print and television and developing creative solutions against highly targeted strategies.

I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the advertising business from the bottom up. Positions I’ve held along the way include Comp Artist, Storyboard Artist, Production Artist, Illustrator, Digital Retouch Artist, CGI Artist, Flash Artist, Web Designer, Writer, Editor, Art Director, Creative Director, and Agency Principal.
I’ve directed photo shoots, Video shoots, CGI animation, Voice over talent, and Press checks.

As a creative team member I conceived and executed Ads, Brochures, Magazines, Video, Radio, Trade show materials, Flash Video, PowerPoint Presentations, CGI animation, Web Sites, Direct marketing, Marketing On Demand materials, HTML email blasts and E-vites, Product launches, Team Building programs, Live Events, and more.

I’m a Mac guy and have spent countless hours with my close friends Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. But I have a wandering eye and have been caught red handed spending time with FCP and that sexy German import Cinema 4D.